Unable to approve new loans

Unfortunately during the level four lockdown, we’re unable to approve new loans. Our team will be back in the office once alert levels change and we’ll be able to process new loan applications at that time.

If you need to contact us please email info@prontofinance.co.nz and we’ll respond as soon as a team member can get to it.

Cash Advance In Minutes Guarantee

Apply now and experience our 9 minute guarantee

  • Apply now on any smartphone, tablet or computer: it takes less than four minutes.
  • We’ll assess your loan with our 9 minute processing promise.
  • You can digitally sign your loan contract and there’s no printing required.
  • We’ll have the cash in your account with our 9 minute guarantee.

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Costs of borrowing

Annual interest rate (AIR)

This is set between 16% and 26% depending on your client rating. This is our own unique system that looks at hundreds of pieces of data to reward safer borrowers and give them a lower annual interest rate. The interest is always fixed for the life of the loan so you know how much you have to repay before you sign the loan contract.

No early repayment fees

We promise to NEVER charge a fee for early repayment. When you customise your loan using our sliders, you can choose how much you want to repay each week, fortnight or month. Unlike a lot of lenders we encourage you to pay as much as you can reasonably afford, because you will save on interest and get the loan paid off sooner.

Establishment fee

This is the fee for receiving, processing and advancing your loan and applies to all personal loans (new loans and refinances). It is included in your repayments.
Loans of $200-$499: $175.
Loans of $500-$999 : $275.
Loans of $1,000-$9,999: $375.
Loans of $10,000-$20,000: $475.

Administration fee

This is the fee charged to cover the costs of administering your loan. It includes the processing of payments, all customer enquiries and updates, provision of balances and six monthly statements. It is $5 per week, but only charged while your loan is active.

Default fee

This is only payable if your loan is in default. It is payable daily, but charged weekly. The default fee covers the costs to the company for loans that are a higher risk, due to being in arrears and is $1 per day while the loan is in arrears.

Default interest

This is the default interest rate for the portion of your loan that is in default. The Annual Interest Rate for the default interest is 22.5%, however this is not charged on the total balance of the loan, only the balance in arrears.