Unable to approve new loans

Unfortunately during the level four lockdown, we’re unable to approve new loans. Our team will be back in the office once alert levels change and we’ll be able to process new loan applications at that time.

If you need to contact us please email info@prontofinance.co.nz and we’ll respond as soon as a team member can get to it.

Mates Rates

Take advantage of our Mates Rates deal!

If you’ve got a pre-approved loan with another New Zealand lender, we may be able to offer an annual interest rate 2% lower than the rate they’ve given you.

What you need to do to qualify

  • Give us a call to see if your loan meets our lending criteria
  • If your loan qualifies, complete a new application form
  • Email us a copy (PDF or screenshot) of the annual interest rate the other lender had offered you
  • We’ll assess your new loan and if it’s approved we will give you an annual interest rate 2% lower than the other lenders
  • You can digitally sign your loan contract and have the cash in your account with our 9 minute guarantee


All loan applications are subject to our normal lending criteria, but if you give us a call on 0800 543 718 we should be able to give you an indication as to whether your loan qualifies or not. We can’t give a guaranteed pre-approval over the phone, as we need to assess a complete application for all loans, but we can see if your loan qualifies for our Mates Rates promotion.
If we approve your new loan we do require you to withdraw your application from the lender that had pre-approved you, in order to comply with our responsible lending criteria.

This promotion is available for a limited time only.


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