Declined applications

With our system there are a few common reasons why your application may not have been approved. We use hundreds of pieces of data to make a completely objective decision, and a lot of this information comes from non-traditional data sources.

We can’t always give an exact reason why your application was declined, because our system assesses each application and only gives our staff an ‘approved’ or ’declined’ decision, without listing exactly why.

But a few common reasons for an application not getting through are:

  • You don’t meet the affordability criteria for a loan of that amount
  • Your bank statement shows more expenses than you have listed on your application
  • You provided an expired/cancelled licence or passport as your identification
  • The value of the security was less than the amount you wanted to borrow
  • There are defaults on your credit rating. Especially defaults to financial institutions
  • A vehicle was offered for security with no WOF or registration
  • You don’t have a very long credit history
  • The vehicle is too old to be used as security (There’s no set cut off year, as some vehicles hold their value longer than others. But our system looks at both age and value)
  • The vehicle listed as security has changed ownership in the past 30 days
  • The address details on your application don’t match up with the address in our system
  • The vehicle listed as security isn’t registered in your name


Although we can’t approve your loan, there may be other lenders out there who are able to assist. If you’d like us to send your application to another lender, please click here and we’ll refer it to another Kiwi finance company that can hopefully assist you. 

If you have any questions you can call us on 0800 543 718 and we’ll have another look at your application for you.

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