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You can apply for one of our easy loans NZ wide in less than four minutes. And we can have the cash advanced with our 9 minute guarantee. There’s no printing or scanning required so you can apply now!


How are our quick loans easier

The whole process to get a quick Pronto loan has been designed to be as easy as possible from start to finish. You don’t have to visit an office, print anything off, scan pages of documents or sign a big stack of paper contracts. You can get a same day cash loan, doing it all on your mobile.

  • Quick and easy online application form, that takes no more than four minutes to complete.
  • You can apply and get approved anywhere in New Zealand, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • There’s no need to print physical pages off to sign, or scan months of bank statements. Our straight forward system allows you to submit everything electronically.
  • You don’t have to wait around for an answer, with all applications being assessed with our 9 minute processing promise.

What makes our loans unique

  • We reward good customers with low interest rates using our custom built Pronto Client Rating technology.
  • Our easy to use online system allows us to be faster and give you a 9 minute guarantee.
  • We’ll never penalise you for repaying your loan early, we actually encourage it.
  • Our easy digital signing process lets you access quick cash loans all over New Zealand.
  • You get to set the repayment amount when you apply, so you’re in control of your finances the whole time.

Take control and use your loan for whatever you need

Our personal loans can help out when you need cash quickly, but don’t have the time to run around getting physical copies of documents for an office based lender.

Debt consolidation is a common use with our easy loans. You can bundle all of your more expensive debts into one easy to manage loan, setting the repayments at a figure you know you can afford. And best of all, there’s no unnecessarily complicated application process or awkward meetings to sort it out.

  • Clear your high cost credit card debt
  • Get rid of those expensive payday loans
  • Refinance a current personal loan where the interest or repayments are too high
  • Take control and set the payments at a figure you can afford


Emergency expenses often pop up out of nowhere, and the last thing you need when faced with these is a complicated process required to get a same day loan.

  • Fix your car and pay the mechanics bill all at once
  • Have that dental work done and get rid of the discomfort
  • Help out your family when a disaster strikes
  • Clear that unexpected bill
  • Help the kids our when they need it the most
  • Cover those last minute travel costs


We’re all faced with opportunities, but often don’t have the cash available to make the most of them.

  • Cover those back to school expenses or pay for the kids to go on a school camp or sports trip
  • Get new tools for work or replace the old ones that are holding you back
  • Make sure you have enough money when you’re away on holiday
  • Get a the car fixed so you can move around freely without worrying about a break down
  • Go and visit relatives overseas while you can

Our customers choose us because the whole process is so easy

All of our customers love how simple it is to get a low interest loan. Denise in Wellington was no exception. See just how easy it was for her when she needed a quick cash loan without the hassle of visiting a branch somewhere in the City. Click here to read about Denise’s experience when she needed an easy loan in Wellington.

A straight forward process, built for Kiwis by Kiwis.

When we created our online system we wanted to give locals the ability to access instant finance from the beach, the lake, the bach and even the ski field. So we designed the whole thing to be easy like Sunday morning. You can see how much our customers love the simple system by reading our reviews at Shopper Approved. And we’re always looking to improve, so if you’ve got any suggestions please do reach out to us on our Facebook page here.

Easy loans NZ wide

We’ve created the simplest system we could, to make it nice and easy to get a loan right across the country. Being built specifically to approve and advance loans online in NZ, everything you need to do can be done on your phone as long as you have an internet connection. Use for

  • Whangarei fast finance
  • Auckland emergency loans
  • Hamilton quick cash loans
  • Tauranga instant finance
  • Napier and Hastings fast cash loans
  • New Plymouth online loans
  • Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt
  • Wellington City finance now
  • Nelson and Blenheim rapid loan advances
  • Christchurch personal loans online
  • Dunedin same day loans
  • Invercargill low interest loans

See for yourself exactly how simple the application process is.


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Apply Now quick form

Short slider styled form that lets user select borrowing amount and repayment period

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Montly

Fast easy loans accessible anywhere in New Zealand (even the beach)

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