Responsible Lending

Everything we do at Pronto has been designed to ensure we always lend responsibly.


We combine a comprehensive analysis of each application with a plain language contract and helpful team throughout the loan, to ensure the whole loan process complies with all legislation and our own responsible lending principles.


During the application process we will ask a number of different questions to ensure the loan meets your requirements and objectives. There are a range of different products available to every borrower, so we encourage you to ask is Pronto right for you?


We also want to make sure that you can comfortably afford to repay your loan. So all of our applications are assessed using our client rating and affordability algorithm. This is used for all borrowers and joint applicants. Using this information we will only approve loans which are likely to be repaid, without causing any hardship.


Once we’ve approved your loan we will email you the loan contract, to read and digitally sign. You can take as long as you want to read it and speak to us about anything you’re unsure of. Our contracts are clear and easy to understand, with all terms explained in plain language.


Throughout your loan we’re here to help. If you are in a position where your circumstances change and you’re finding it difficult to keep up with your payments, it’s best you give us a call. We can discuss the different options available and suggest a free and independent budgeting service. Where you’re genuinely struggling, you can make a hardship application, to allow some breathing room and come up with a way to get back on track. You can call during business hours on 0800 543 718, to discuss your loan.


We also offer some handy budgeting tips on our Facebook page and blog and you can find some useful websites for creating your own budget here.


When borrowing from Pronto we want you to be comfortable from start to finish. So in addition to the legislative requirements, we always abide by our responsible lending principles.


Pronto’s responsible lending principles

  • We will make every effort to understand your needs.
  • We will always assess and verify your financial situation.
  • We will always evaluate your ability to repay the loan.
  • We will be transparent about all details of your loan.
  • We will work with you if something goes wrong.