Christmas/New Year’s hours

Our office will be closed from Christmas Day until 9am on Tuesday January 5th.

You can still apply for a loan now, but we won’t be able to process it for you until we’re back in the office.

We hope you have a great break, and we’re looking forward to helping out in 2021.

Best wishes, from the whole team at Pronto!

Covid-19 Hardship

With the current Covid-19 pandemic we understand there will be a lot of people who are unable to make payments on their loan. We’re here to help and want to work with all of our customers through this period.

We suspended all default fees and default interest for the month of April 2020, to ensure everyone got through the level 4 lockdown without being penalised. But while we’re at level 1, customers who can afford to make payments will need to start up again to prevent falling further behind. Those affected by recurring level 2 and level 3 disruptions have a range of options available to them.

For those customers that are struggling financially and finding it difficult to make repayments, please contact us immediately.

We offer all customers the option to make a hardship application, especially in current circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The best thing to do is to send us an email and let us know of your situation. We can then run through all of your options and if you want to make a hardship application, you can do so by following the below guidelines.

To apply for hardship please send us an email titled ‘Covid-19 hardship application’ with the following information.

  • Your full name and current physical address.
  • Your current phone number and email address.
  • How much you can afford to pay at present and how frequently you can pay.
  • If you have lost your job with your employer closing their business or if you are on temporary leave.
  • If you have applied for an unemployment benefit or for the Covid-19 Income Relief payment.


We will request a copy of your recent bank statements, so we can verify your income and expenses, then come back to you with some options. If you are applying for hardship and your circumstances are going to change over the coming weeks, we will need you to verify this. We understand this is difficult, but the easiest way to do this is for you to submit bank statements the day after your next scheduled payday. Otherwise we can consider letters/emails from your current employer.

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