Unable to approve new loans

Unfortunately during the level four lockdown, we’re unable to approve new loans. Our team will be back in the office once alert levels change and we’ll be able to process new loan applications at that time.

If you need to contact us please email info@prontofinance.co.nz and we’ll respond as soon as a team member can get to it.

Budgeting | Responsible Lending

As a responsible lending we want to provide a range of information that can help people budget wisely.

We understand that everyone faces unexpected expenses now and again, which is where we can help out.

However we don’t encourage unnecessary borrowing or offer long term loans where people get stuck in a ‘debt trap.’

Our loans are designed for borrowers to repay as much as reasonably possible, so they pay less interest and we’ve got the money back to lend out again.

We regularly update our Facebook page with budgeting tips for Kiwi families, and below are a few websites that we think are worth taking a look at.

If you’re a current customer we’ve got a range of options available should you be struggling financially. It’s best to call us on 0800 543 718 and we can discuss your individual situation.

But if you’d like some independent advice, take a look at these great websites:

The New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services



Practical Money Skills

How to budget: top tips

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