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If you need fast finance now our online loans can have the cash in your account with our 9 minute guarantee. With our easy application form you can apply online using any device. Then our 9 minute processing promise ensures you get an answer immediately, and once approved your cash is advanced the same day for truly instant finance NZ wide .

And best of all; our annual interest rates start at 9.97%, so it’s not only faster, it’s fairer finance.

Our quick loans NZ wide offer same day finance so you can borrow anywhere from $200 to $20,000 without visiting an office or printing off a contract. Select how much you need and what you can afford to repay and apply now for your easy online loan using the sliders below.

Get your instant finance online now

Pronto’s quick loans are designed to be fairer. Our client rating technology allows us to reward safer borrowers with lower interest rates. Good customers deserve to pay less interest. So our online instant loans use this technology to give low risk customers a low interest loan.

We also never charge a fee for early repayment, so you can repay your loan early and actually save money. If you repay your loan early, you will also improve your client rating. This increases the chance of having a lower interest rate the next time you get an online loan with us.

For instant cash loans in NZ you can apply now, by completing our online application.

We’ll get everything we need to assess it with our 9 minute processing promise, and get your cash advance with our 9 minute guarantee.

We do everything electronically to make it more convenient for you. Our online loans ensure it’s not only easy, but it’s fast. And our cash advance guarantees you get truly instant finance online. You can do it all using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Some companies need you to visit an office or print off pages of forms before you get your cash. But at Pronto we’ve made it simple to apply for one of our easy loans online and get a same day cash advance. You can do it on your mobile in the park, on a tablet at home or a PC in the office.

Pronto aims to be New Zealand’s fastest and fairest finance company. Alongside our instant cash advance being one of the fastest, we also promise to be fairer with lower interest rates for lower risk borrowers. We will also never charge an early repayment fee.

You can see what our customers think of us here, because people who have actually used our service are the best indication of how we operate.

What our quick loans can be used for

Our fast online loans have helped thousands of Kiwi’s when they’ve needed cash instantly. Whether it’s an emergency loan for an unexpected expense. Or you need fast finance now for car repairs. Maybe you just need a quick cash advance to cover a rental property bond. Our same day loans can be used for all sorts of things.

Pronto loans have been designed to give you more control when you need quick finance. Instant cash is ensured with our 9 minute guarantee, so you can get the money today, without the delays you experience with banks and other slow, unfair finance companies.

How to get same day loans NZ wide

Our easy loans are entirely online. You can apply using any device, as long as you’ve got an internet connection. Smartphones, tablets and PC’s can all be used to access one of our quick loans NZ wide. Just jump onto our Apply Now page and complete the easy four minute application form. There are a couple of things you’ll need:

  • An NZ Drivers Licence or Passport.
  • A vehicle to use as security (and the rego plate for the application).
  • Your bank details: you can submit your statement electronically.
  • An active mobile phone.
  • Your own email address.

Once you’ve completed the application, you’re just minutes away from getting your fast cash loan. To ensure every loan is made responsibly, we ask that you send through your last 90 days of bank statements. At the end of the application form we allow you to submit these electronically using Credit Sense.

From here we use our Client Rating technology to assess your application, allowing us to offer fast loan approvals, backed by our 9 minute processing promise.

9 minute processing promise for instant finance approvals

With everything being submitted online, we can approve your application for easy finance instantly. Using our unique Client Rating technology, we look at a range of factors to ensure you can afford the repayments. And then we reward good customers with low interest loans.

To take advantage of our quick loans, you do need to complete the application and submit your banking at the same time. We can only approve an application once we’ve got all of this to assess. As we’re in the office from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), we can only approve our fast finance during these times. But if you apply online outside of these hours, we promise to assess your application first thing the next business day.

Digitally sign your contract – ensuring quick loans NZ wide

We know you’re busy and the last thing you want to do is to print off a stack of pages to sign your contract. So we’ve designed our system to allow you to digitally sign it on any device. Whether it’s your smartphone at smoko, your tablet in bed or your PC at work: our convenient digital signing lets you access our quick loans NZ wide.

And the best part about our digital signing process, is that you can take as long as you want to review the contract. No one likes sitting in an office, with someone tapping their pen waiting for them to sign. We don’t think this gives you a fair chance to understand your contract, with unnecessary time pressure placed on you.

But with our digital contracts, you can review it for as long as you want. We also suggest you get an independent third party to look over it. Even though everything is in plain language and it clearly explains all costs involved, it’s always a good idea to run these things past family and friends.

Then once you’re comfortable, you can whip your signature on it and it’s sent straight back to us. From here your cash is advanced with our 9 minute guarantee, ensuring you get your cash loan immediately.

Our 9 minute guarantee ensures you get truly instant finance

With one of the fastest cash advances in NZ, we guarantee to have the cleared funds in your account ready to use within 9 minutes. And if we don’t live up to our 9 minute guarantee, we will make your first repayment for you!

Once you’ve digitally signed your contract our system advances your cash loan immediately. It arrives in your account within 9 minutes giving you truly instant finance. There’s no bank to visit, cheque to cash, or waiting for the funds to clear.

We understand that when you apply for an online loan, you want your fast finance now. So we’ve made the whole process truly Pronto! We don’t just talk about delivering fast loans NZ wide. We back it up with a real guarantee. There a few things we need to ensure our quick loans can be in your account with our 9 minute guarantee cash advance:

    • We can only offer it between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding NZ public holidays).
    • The cleared funds within 9 minutes only works if you bank with ANZ, ASB, BNZ, KiwiBank or Westpac.
    • When there is a joint-borrower on the loan, the 9 minute guarantee applies from when the joint-borrower signs the contract.

*On the very rare occasion the banking system is down for maintenance, we can’t access our account and advance the funds. If this happens we promise to call you within 9 minutes and let you know. Then as soon as it’s back up and running, we’ll advance the funds so you get them immediately.

Setting the repayments before you get your easy loan

It’s easy to focus on the cash with our fast same day loans. But as you’re entering a contractual agreement, it’s really important you’re sure that you can meet your obligations. Before you digitally sign the agreement, we will run over the repayments and obligations with you. But it’s always a good idea to seek independent advice before signing any contract. One of the most important things for us is that every customer can afford to repay their loan. We use a range of technology when assessing your online loan application. This ensures we fully assess your ability to repay it and every loan complies with our responsible lending policies.

We also give you complete control to set the loan repayments at a figure you can afford. A lot of companies tell you what the fixed repayment is, which we don’t think is fair. As you select the amount, you can make sure it’s a figure you’re comfortable with. And best of all, if you ever want to pay more, there’s never a fee for early repayment. You will actually save on interest and fees by paying more than the contracted amount.

What happens once you’ve got your fast finance

During your loan you can call, email or text us any time to get an updated balance. We also send out regular statements, so you’ve got a record of your payments. And if something does go wrong and you miss a repayment, we’ll send texts, emails, letters and make phone calls to ensure you’re aware of it.

Pronto loans aren’t just about offering you instant finance, we want to make sure the whole experience with us is positive. We succeed when you repay your loan and recommend us to family or friends.

How are Pronto loans different?

Our unique client rating technology gives us the ability to offer easy loans with low interest rates.  And our rapid cash advance ensures you get instant finance NZ wide, backed by our 9 minute guarantee. There are a number of different options when considering a loan, you can why our customers think we're better than the competition here. We’re confident that our faster, fairer finance is the best in New Zealand.

What is a secured loan ?

Secured loans are where the borrower uses an asset, usually a vehicle, as collateral for the loan. By offering the asset as security the borrower is providing extra certainty to the lender that the loan will be repaid. This usually allows the lender to offer a lower annual interest rate. With normal personal loans in New Zealand, the borrower doesn’t actually hand the asset over to the lender.

Instead the borrower gives the lender the right to register a security interest over it. This is done through the Government managed PPSR. This is a database which keeps a record of the security interest until the loan is repaid. When the loan is all paid off, the lender removes their security interest and the asset is completely owned by the borrower. The asset is then unencumbered exactly like it was before they got the finance.

Do secured loans get low interest rates?

Generally secured loans are cheaper for borrowers. When a loan is secured by an asset the lender has a ‘safety net’ so there is less chance the loan will default. However every lender is different and it’s always important to read and understand the costs of borrowing before entering into a loan agreement. It’s also a good idea to get independent legal advice before entering any contract.

What assets can you use for secured loans NZ?

Every lender is different, and it often depends on the type of loan a borrower is getting. With Pronto we can only use motor vehicles as security for our quick loans. The vehicle needs to have a current WOF and registration. And it generally needs to be worth more than the amount being borrowed.

What are the risks?

The risk to the borrower comes in a situation where they don’t repay their loan. This is when the asset that they offered as security may be repossessed. There are always different circumstances and the New Zealand Government has strict rules about when a lender can repossess an asset.

If you have a secured loan your disclosure statement and loan agreement will explain all of this. As an example you can view our terms and conditions as well as a copy of our standard credit contract and disclosure statement here. If you have any questions about how repossessions work the Commerce Commission has some useful information here. And you can always get information from organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau. Each lender is also a member of a disputes resolution scheme, with their contact details included in your loan contract.

How our instant finance loans work

Our easy loans can be done entirely online, ensuring you get your fast finance now. Take a look at just how simple it is to get one of our quick loans.


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