Unable to approve new loans

Unfortunately during the level four lockdown, we’re unable to approve new loans. Our team will be back in the office once alert levels change and we’ll be able to process new loan applications at that time.

If you need to contact us please email info@prontofinance.co.nz and we’ll respond as soon as a team member can get to it.

9 Minute Guarantee Cash Advance

We guarantee the cash will be cleared and in your account 9 minutes after you digitally sign and return your loan contract. And if it isn’t then we will make your first repayment for you.*

Our digital signature technology allows us to receive your loan contract as soon as you’ve signed and submitted it. Combined with our unique payment system, we’re able to guarantee your cash advance will be cleared and in your account 9 minutes after you’ve signed the contract. So there is no more waiting overnight for your money, or having to go into the bank and cash a cheque. We believe our 9 minute guarantee is the fastest in New Zealand.

There are a few things that we can’t control. In particular the slow processing of some smaller banks. So unfortunately we can only offer our 9 minute guarantee if you’re with a major New Zealand bank. These are ANZ, ASB, BNZ, KiwiBank, or Westpac. With these banks we can also only process payments while they’re open. So our guarantee is only available between 9am and 5pm, from Monday to Friday (excluding national pubic holidays).

* Key points with our 9 minute guarantee cash advance

  • Only available between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding NZ public holidays)
  • Only available if you bank with ANZ, ASB, BNZ, KiwiBank or Westpac.
  • When a loan has a joint-borrower, the 9 minute guarantee applies from when the final party submits the signed contract (as it’s not sent to us until everyone signs it).
  • On the very rare occasion the banking system is down for maintenance, we’re unable to honour our 9 minute guarantee as it’s out of our control. However we promise to call you within 9 minutes. We’ll let you know the cause of the delay and get the cash in your account as soon as the system is working again.

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