Emergency Loans

Have you been hit with an unexpected expense? One of our emergency loans could get you back on your feet. You can apply in less than four minutes and we can have your moola in your account with our 9 minute guarantee.

Whether you need a cash loan to cover a dental bill. Or it’s short term finance for a flat bond. Our emergency loans give you the ability to select exactly how much you need. And set repayments you know you can afford. We understand you need cash fast, so all of our quick loans are assessed with our 9 minute processing promise.

We know what it is like to be caught short and then hit with an emergency expense. And pay day is always too far away. So our fast cash loans from $200 to $20,000 can help out when you’re in need.

We’ve designed all of our cash loans to not only be faster and more convenient, but also fairer. Using our unique client rating technology, we’re able to reward safer borrowers with a lower interest rate.

Benefits of our emergency loans

You can get instant finance to cover any unexpected expense, doing everything on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Our online loan application takes just 4 minutes to complete.
  • You don’t have to rummage around and find paper bank statements, you can submit these electronically on our site.
  • Our 9 minute processing promise ensures you get an answer as quickly as possible.
  • The digital signature technology makes it easier than ever to read and sign your contract, on your terms.

Features unique with our emergency loans

  • You get a faster loan, with our quick application form and 9 minute guarantee.
  • You can use it for all kinds of emergencies and access the funds anywhere in New Zealand.
  • Our flexible repayments options let you set the repayments at a figure you can afford.
  • We don’t need you to visit an office to finalise your loan, so you can get the funds and deal with the emergency straight away.

Loans to cover you in any emergency, anywhere in New Zealand

Our quick loans can be used to sort out any crisis, with access available throughout the country. Whether your car has broken down in Auckland, or you’re facing an unexpected bill in Hamilton. Maybe it’s a family emergency in Tauranga or a new car purchase in windy Wellington. It could even be a long overdue holiday to escape the Christchurch or Dunedin winters. Whatever the reason our emergency loans are available from Whangarei down to Invercargill, and everywhere in between including Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Napier, Hastings and even our home town of sunny Nelson.

Instant finance to cover any emergency

We’ve all been hit by that unexpected expense, and needed a quick loan to cover it. Our customers have used our personal loans for a range of things, including:

Loans for family emergencies and funerals.

There’s never an easy time to face such things, and it’s not something that is easy to plan for. When disaster does strike, you could be left needing funds for

  • funeral costs
  • flights across NZ or overseas to be with distressed family members
  • medical bills
  • transportation costs
  • helping out the kids if they’re caught in a pickle


Loans for moving into a new home

If you’ve had to move at short notice, it’s always hard to find the funds to pay for a bond. Especially if your current bond hasn’t been released. Emergency expenses when moving could include

  • the bond itself, whether it’s just for a few weeks until your old one is refunded or something a little more long term
  • moving costs and short term storage
  • furniture and other items you’ll need in your new home
  • cleaning costs for your old home
  • utility costs for setting up things like internet, Sky, power and gas


Loans to cover dental bills

When something goes wrong with your teeth, the bill always takes a big chunk out of your savings. Sometimes it’s much more than you can afford, so our emergency dental loans can help with

  • dental work including fillings
  • root canal and extractions
  • getting braces for the kids or even yourself
  • crowns or dental caps
  • emergency after hours dental work

Finance for a pet emergency requiring veterinary care

Our pets are like children and sometimes they get into serious trouble and the solution is never cheap. Vet bills can quickly mount and our emergency vet loans can be used to get on top of

  • urgent pet surgery
  • after hours vet care
  • a long term medical condition that quickly turns into something more serious
  • emergency visit to the vet after an accident
  • swallowing foreign objects

What kind of people use Pronto Finance for an emergency loan

Our fairer finance has helped thousands of Kiwis caught between a rock and a hard place. No one ever plans on a disaster striking, so it’s always difficult to know how much you’ll need if the day arrives. But our loans can help out in any number of ways. As an example Marina was a real customer facing a real emergency, but we were able to help her sort it. Read her verified review here.

Facts about emergency loans in New Zealand

  • New Zealanders currently have $16.7 billion of personal consumer debt as of 2019
  • Kiwis are predicted to save -1.23% of their disposable income in 2020, leaving most of us unprepared for an emergency expense
  • Our household debt to disposable income in New Zealand is 121.15%
  • New Zealanders are ranked 26 out of 29 as one of the worst nations for saving according to household forecasting data from the OECD

As an NZ owned and operated company, we’re here to help

As a Kiwi owned and operated company we want to be here when locals need a hand. Our emergency loans are available anywhere in New Zealand and there for all kinds of emergencies. You can see by our reviews that our loans genuinely help people in their time of need. Just take a look at our independent reviews on Shopper Approved.

And if you want some handy budgeting tips we often share financial tricks on our Facebook page or our blog.

Emergency cash loans on your terms

All of our personal loans allow you to pay them off early. There are no early repayment fees, so you can take care of the unexpected, and when you’re back on your feet you can make lump sum payments or clear the whole thing early.

And our system lets you select just how much cash you need and what you can afford to repay. Giving you full control when you need instant finance.

Apply for one of our emergency loans in less than four minutes. Then you can sign the contract on any device with our convenient digital signature technology.

You can do it all on any smartphone, tablet or computer. So if you’re caught out and can’t get into an office for some fast cash – you can get finance now online.

Apply now using our sliders below. And see why so many of our customers give Pronto a 5 star rating in our independent reviews.

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