Short Term Loans

If you need one of our short term loans, it can be done online right now. And we’ll have the cash advanced with our 9 minute guarantee.

We think our short term loans are much fairer than traditional payday loans. Our annual interest rates tend to be a lot lower. And you can repay your loan anytime with no penalties.

You can see all costs involved at our costs of borrowing page. And give us a call if you want a quote for a specific amount.

The best part about our short term loans is that we give you complete control of your loan. So you select exactly how much cash you need and what you can afford to repay. Allowing you to pay your loan off as soon as you want.

Our short term loans are designed to be fairer than payday loans


If you’re looking at short term loan alternatives then be sure to ask about early repayment fees. At Pronto we never charge a fee for early repayment! So you can pay it back as quickly as possible and save money on interest.

We think it’s only fair that customers who repay their loan faster should get charged less interest, and not some silly early repayment fee.

In addition to being fairer with no early repayment fees, we’re also a lot faster than most short term lenders. You can complete an online application in four minutes, and have an answer with our 9 minute processing promise.

Getting your cash is super easy, with our digital signature technology and 9 minute guarantee.

All of our loans have a contracted term between 26 weeks (182 days) and five years (1825 days). But because we don’t charge an early repayment fee and give you full control of your repayments, you’re able to repay it whenever you like.

So apply now and customise your short term loan to suit your circumstances. We promise to process your application in 9 minutes, so you can have the cash in your account with our 9 minute guarantee.