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Our online loans give you faster, fairer finance anywhere in New Zealand. You can borrow between $200 and $20,000 with the cash cleared and in your bank account with our 9 minute guarantee.

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Benefits of our online loans

You can get a quick loan on any smartphone, tablet or computer, saving you time and energy compared to other lenders. As an online lender, we don’t have the costs associated with a big branch network, so we can offer you low interest rates.

  • It’s much easier to complete our web based application form, with no printing, scanning or faxing required.
  • Our automated system allows us to assess loans almost immediately, and we back it up with our 9 minute processing promise
  • We never charge a fee for early repayment, so you can save money on interest by paying more than the minimum required.

Features of our online loans

  • Faster loans with our unique technology, and quick cash advances with our 9 minute guarantee.
  • Fairer finance with interest rates based on your unique client rating which allows us to reward safer borrowers with low interest personal loans.
  • Fixed loan terms but with the option for you to repay early with no early repayment fee. You also get the predictability of a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan.
  • We’ve been trusted by thousands of Kiwi’s and take pride in the fact that 97% of customers would recommend us to friends or family.
  • Easy application process, with everything done on our website and no difficult forms or visits to an office required.
  • Digital signature technology that allows you to sign your contract on any device, with no printing required.

Online loans throughout New Zealand

Our quick loans have helped Kiwi’s all over the country, with personal loans in Auckland saving customers from the terrible traffic. Quick loans in Christchurch giving Cantabrians access faster finance in the Garden City. And instant finance in Hamilton for a wide range of customers who didn’t want to visit an office, instead opting for our online loan process.


Choose what you use our personal loans for

With our system designed to give you control, you can use the cash advance for whatever you like.

Car repairs are a common and seemingly never ending occurrence. With our fast loans you don’t have to worry about unexpected repairs holding you back, you can fix it up and get on your way. Some common car repairs include

  • tyres that need replacing
  • headlights or taillights needing an upgrade
  • replacing a radiator
  • brake repairs
  • new spark plugs

Debt consolidation is another common reason for borrowing, where customers bundle their more expensive debts into one, with our low interest loans and make real progress getting out of debt with fixed, regular repayments. Customers have used our debt consolidation loans for

  • getting rid of credit card debt
  • clearing payday loans
  • restructuring payments so they’re more affordable each week

Maybe you’re looking to move into a new rental property and need a bond. Again, with our quick and easy loans you can make the move, knowing exactly what you need to repay beforehand. Rental bonds are a big one off expense, but our online loans allow you to

  • have a bond before you find the home of your dreams
  • use the loan as bridging finance before your old bond is released
  • give you some extra funds to help with moving costs

Who uses Pronto’s online loans

With a wide range of customers throughout New Zealand, our loans have helped all kinds of Kiwi’s. Take Cathy for example, who needed a fast loan without the hassles the banks create. She came to us and within minutes was pre-approved for a low interest loan. She got to set the repayments at a figure she knew she could afford, and liked the fact she could pay more each week without any early repayment fee. See Cathy’s independent review here.

Important facts and statistics about debt in New Zealand

  • Kiwi’s have over $7.34 billion worth of credit card debt as of March 2019. This is usually comes with a high interest rate and no fixed repayment schedule to help pay it off.
  • 1 in 3 New Zealanders are paying interest on their credit cards.
  • In 2018 MBIE identified 12 banks, 12 credit unions and building societies and 196 finance companies offering loans in NZ. Most of these still require you to physically visit a branch to get a loan.
  • MBIE’s 2018 review also identified that only 67% of finance companies had online applications, again with most requiring a visit in addition to the application or scanned copies of bank statements, ID or address verification.

Pronto Finance, a real Kiwi finance company

Based in Nelson, we’ve designed our system to offer faster, fairer online loans to all Kiwi’s. You can contact our team on 0800543718 to discuss your loan application. Or check out our reviews and social pages yourself


Easy Online loans

It’s nice and easy to get a loan online so you can apply quickly and have the moola cleared and in your account today.

With the whole process completed online, you can apply on any smartphone throughout NZ.

Our leading digital technology gives you the ability to complete the whole process without any printing, faxing or scanning.

And once approved you can digitally sign your online loan contract on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Don’t waste your time driving to an appointment at an inconvenient office. Get your easy loan Pronto, with our easy to use web based system.

Just complete our four minute application form. And then you can submit your bank statements electronically. From there we will be able to assess your application with our 9 minute processing promise. And once approved you can get your instant finance online.


Our online loans are also fairer

The major benefit of our personal loans is that we don’t have to support huge branch networks. This allows us to be faster, with an automated technology. And because we’ve just got the one office, you can deal with the same people each time. But best of all, by being an internet based company we’re able to pass the savings on to you. With both low interest rates and no unexpected fees.

All of our quick loans are assessed using our unique client rating system. Using this objective scoring system, we can offer low interest loans to customers with a high Pronto client rating, rewarding safer borrowers with fairer finance rates.

Combined with no early repayments fees – our online cash loans have been designed to get you fairer finance now.

For fast cash loans online apply now. Or use our sliders below to customise your personal loan and see just how fast we really are.

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