Client rating

We want to reward our good customers with a lower interest rate. It is only fair that the safer you are as a borrower, the less interest you should pay.

So we’ve developed a way to objectively assess each applicant, creating an individual client rating. There are hundreds of pieces of data used to create your individual client rating, including traditional sources such as credit checks, public records, your repayment history and bank data. We also look at whether you’re using a car as security and the value of that car. And we consider a variety of data available online. Using this information we’re able to see which borrowers are a lower risk and give them a lower interest rate.

This method is unique to Pronto, and has been designed by us to ensure each loan is assessed objectively, while also allowing us to reward our good customers.

Below you can see what annual interest rate you’ll pay, depending on your Pronto client rating.

Pronto client ratingAnnual interest rate
1000 +9.97%
< 029.97%

As a current customer you can actually improve your Pronto client rating, by always making your payments and ensuring you update us of any changes to your circumstances before our system identifies them. Simple things, like changing mobile numbers or moving to a new address, are things that can reduce your client rating if our system picks them up before you tell us. Another important thing is to keep your vehicle’s WOF and registration current at all times.

Remember, the annual interest rate isn’t the only cost involved with your loan. You can see all of the Costs of Borrowing here.

Pronto’s client rating is all about being fair. After all, it is only fair that lower risk borrowers get a lower interest rate.