Funeral loans

If you’re facing the unexpected cost of a funeral and need finance now, our online funeral loans can get you the cash with our 9 minute guarantee.

Losing a loved one is a terrible experience. And more often than not, it isn’t something you’ve planned for. So when it comes to paying for their funeral we understand that you often need a quick loan to cover the costs. But at the same time, you don’t want to take on a financial commitment that ends up stretching you in the long run.

So our funeral loans have been designed to be not only easier and faster, but also fairer.

Using our electronic system you can apply for a funeral loan with our four minute online application.

Then you can submit your bank statements electronically (no printing/scanning/faxing required). Once we’ve got all of this we can assess it with our 9 minute processing promise.

We understand that the last thing you want to do during a bereavement is visit offices for appointments or fill out pages of forms.

So our system lets you do it whenever is most convenient. The whole process can be completed on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Fairer funeral loans – giving you more control

Our funeral loans are not just faster, they’re always fairer. Using our client rating technology we’re able to reward safer borrowers with lower interest rates. You can see all of the costs of borrowing before applying by clicking here.

Our funeral finance has been designed to give you complete control. Using our sliders below you select how much cash you need and what you can afford to repay.

By tailoring the funeral loan to suit your circumstances, you will be able to repay it at an amount you can afford. Then if you ever want to pay extra, you can always do so with no early repayment fees. This allows you to pay the personal loan off in lump sums and save money on interest.

You can apply for your funeral loan online, and get the cash in your account with our 9 minute guarantee.