Sustainable paperless business

We want to keep New Zealand beautiful, so we’ve done everything we can to reduce the amount of paper we use.

  • We’ve removed the need for paper contracts by using digital signature technology.
  • All of our loan contracts are signed and stored online, so there’s no printing, postage, faxing or wasted paper.
  • When we’re contacting customers we prefer to use phone calls, SMS, Facebook and emails, instead of unnecessary letters.

Not only is it faster and more convenient, it helps us to reduce the amount of paper in our office.

There are still a few things we have to use paper for, with statutory requirements for certain letters, but we’re very aware that most people prefer calls, texts or emails instead of waiting for something in the post.

Our office is aiming to become completely paperless over the next few years.

We’ve already begun swapping notepads for ipads, storing everything online, avoiding paper contracts, getting rid of our fax machine, opting for email over postage and always asking if we really need to have a hard copy of a document when we can do it all online.

We’d encourage all of our customers to consider saving the documents we send, instead of printing them out. And as we keep all of our files for over seven years, you can always call us and request a copy of a document to be emailed.

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