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Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, but we all know that it comes at a cost, which is why our wedding loans have been designed to help you make the most of your special day and celebrate in style. Everyone has a different budget for their wedding, but our low interest loans give you the ability to borrow what you need, and spread the cost out over a fixed term, with affordable repayments that you set yourself.


How much does the average wedding cost in NZ?

According to both My Kiwi Wedding and She Said Yes, the average cost of a wedding in NZ is $35,000. This takes into account a range of different options, and will vary drastically depending on your individual budget and plans for your wedding day. We’ve run through a number of different things to consider when looking at what your wedding will cost. And our wedding loans have been designed to give you a faster, fairer way to fund your special day.


What are the benefits of getting a wedding loan with Pronto?

Our wedding loans are designed to give you full control. Once you’ve got a budget, you can select exactly how much you want to borrow and what you can afford to repay. This flexibility takes away some of the stress normally associated with a wedding in NZ.

  • Our wedding loans have a fixed annual interest rate for the life of the loan. So you know exactly what you’ll repay before you get the loan.
  • The easy online loan can be completed anywhere in NZ. Whether you’re shopping for a wedding dress and need a loan then and there, or if you’re still in the planning stage and want to put a cash deposit down for a special venue. Our digital lending system allows you access to a wedding loan anywhere in NZ.
  • There’s no fee for early repayment, so if you want to pay your loan off using some money you receive in a wishing well, or cash you get as a gift from a generous gift, you can settle the loan at any stage and there are no nasty surprises with our promise of no early repayment fees

Wedding loan features

  • Fast and easy wedding loans, that you design yourself. We won’t make you come into an office for yet another appointment. We know that you’re already running around town looking at venues, flowers, catering companies and much much more. So our online loans are designed to be super fast, with our 9 minute processing promise there to ensure you get an answer as soon as possible.
  • Our interest rates are set based on your Pronto client rating. So for safer borrowers, they get a lower annual interest rate. This means that you could get a low interest loan and save a bunch of money in the long run.
  • Our wedding loans are designed to be easy. We know you’re busy and don’t want to deal with pages of printed forms, unnecessary questions or time consuming appointments. So our system has been automated to collect all of the information we need to make a responsible lending decision, with minimal hassle to you.
  • Our digital signature technology makes the final process of signing the loan contract super easy. You can take all of the time you need to read through the contract, and once you’re comfortable with it you can sign it all on your mobile. In between dress fittings if you want.

See how easy it is to get a Wedding loan

Wedding loans NZ

Our wedding loans are available to Kiwi’s throughout NZ. Our online system gives you access to a fast loan on your smartphone, tablet or computer and all you need is an internet connection. With a wedding loan from Pronto you can make your wedding day the best day of your life. Simply select how much money you need for your wedding, then work out what repayments you can afford. And we’ll customise the personal loan for you, so you can spend your time focusing on the important things on your special day.


What our wedding loans can be used for

As mentioned above My Kiwi Wedding suggests that the average wedding costs $35,000. However this can vary significantly depending on your plans. You may be able to cut costs with the help of friends and family, or simply by doing a lot of the little things yourself. Everyone is aware of the increase in prices as soon as you mention it’s for a ‘wedding’ so it’s always a good idea to shop around and ask yourself, is there a way to reduce this cost? Some of the main costs you can expect with your wedding are:

The venue.

There are so many options when considering where to host your wedding, with both the ceremony and reception to take into consideration. A few of these are

  • The registry office. A low cost option that you can make extra special with a bit of effort.
  • A wedding in your back yard. This is a great way to save money, and you can dress it up or down as much as you like, with low cost decorations and the ability to control the spending from start to finish.
  • An outdoor venue is a very popular option. With so many scenic spots for weddings in NZ, you have a huge range of options, with varying prices.
  • An indoor venue gives another broad range of options. Whether it’s a specialised wedding venue, a local sports club or a designated function centre.



This cost often comes as a surprise. With wedding guests often expecting a full meal and the dreaded open bar. Obviously you can tailor it to your circumstances, but depending on the number of guests, this is a wedding cost that you need to plan carefully. Some of the costs include

  • Food for all of the guests. It could be canapés for a small reception right through to a three course meal.
  • Drinks. Weddings are often accompanied with a bar, and the cost of alcohol is usually a large part of the overall cost in NZ. There are options for a cash bar, bar tab or open bar here. You can also pre plan by buying wine and beer on special if you’re having your wedding reception at a venue that allows you to provide your own drinks.
  • Plates, dining settings and staff. Depending on the scale of your wedding you will need to factor in this as a cost. You may be able to provide all of your own plating and cutlery, or you may want the whole function fully catered so you just walk in and walk out. Ring around and see what this could cost depending on your wedding plans.

The wedding dress and suits.

The whole wedding party will be dressing up, but there are varying degrees to this. Some wedding provide the attire for the groomsmen and brides maids, and others just ask them to wear a nice outfit.

  • The wedding dress is a large ticket expense, and for good reason. It’s the item that every girl dreams of growing up and we all have a very unique picture in our mind of the perfect dress. With so many options available, it’s always best to shop around and see what you can find within your budget, that will compliment your special day.
  • The grooms suit. This can range from a full morning suit, to tuxedo to a standard two piece suit. Depending on what you’re after you can hire or buy the suit yourself. Again, do your research and ask the question, will I wear this again in the future or is hiring a better option?
  • The bridesmaids dresses. Often a point of contention, we’ll just leave this up to you 🙂
  • The groomsmen’s suits. Again this is dependent on your particular wishes, but suits that tie in with the groom always look great.


A photographer

This is usually a very large cost with a wedding, and a frequent reason people come to us for a wedding loan. There are a range of photographers in the market, all with varying prices. Have a ring around and see what each charges and what works with your budget. Some things to consider with photographers:

  • Is it just photos? And do they have a set number they provide, or a cost per photo on top of their fee?
  • Does it include a video? And is that video of the ceremony, or just a montage from the reception?
  • Have you had a good look through their portfolio? You want to make sure that the photographers style works for you, as you only get once chance on your perfect day.



The cost of flowers is another one that can vary significantly. From a basic bouquet all the way up to a fully decorated ceremony and reception venue. Again this will depend greatly on the style of wedding you want, but have a look at a range of florists and don’t just limit yourself to a quick search for ‘wedding florists.’


Music and entertainment

If you’re having a big reception, you’ll need to organise music and entertainment. Some of the costs to plan for are

  • Do you want a DJ? This is an easy option that allows a broad range of music to kick off the dance floor, and usually they will come in and set up with minimal input required from you.
  • What about a band? Live music is always fantastic at a wedding, and sure to get that tipsy uncle dancing. But be sure to ask that they can plan the song you want for your first dance.
  • Don’t forget about a PA system if you want to have speeches audible for everyone to hear.


A marriage licence

Depending on your wedding, don’t forget to factor in the cost of a marriage licence. If you’re using a celebrant it costs $150, whereas it’s $240 for a registry ceremony.



Once the big day is all done, you’ll want to get away from all of the well wishers and put your feet up. So give some consideration to where.

  • A hotel suite. This is nice and easy and allows you to walk in and walk out.
  • A resort. If you’re planning on kicking the honeymoon off straight away, this could be an option that allows you to relax the minute the wedding wraps up.
  • Head home. Whilst it might not be the most idyllic option, it’s a great way to save money. And some fairy lights and candles from Kmart can make it a little bit more special.


Who gets a wedding loan in NZ

We’ve had hundreds of customers get a wedding loan from us. Our flexible repayments and predictable fixed interest rates are very popular with couples looking to get a loan to get married. Josh got a loan with us to make sure his wedding day was absolutely perfect. And loved the fact he knew exactly what he’d repay before he took the loan out. See his experience here.


Important facts and statistics about weddings in NZ

  • In 2019 19,071 people got married or had a civil union, compared to 20,949 in 2018, based on Stats NZ’s year end data.
  • That’s a large reduction from the peak of 27,201 in 1971.
  • The median age for their first marriage or civil union was 29.4 years for women and 30.6 years for men in 2019.
  • In 1999 this was 27.0 for women and 28.9 for men.
  • Saturdays are the most popular wedding day, with February being the most popular month.
  • According to Stats NZ the most popular wedding day in 2019 was Saturday 23 February.


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One thing you want to consider before getting any loan is just who you’re borrowing from. We’re proud that so many of our customers love our service, so take a look and see what you think.

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