Unable to approve new loans

Unfortunately during the level four lockdown, we’re unable to approve new loans. Our team will be back in the office once alert levels change and we’ll be able to process new loan applications at that time.

If you need to contact us please email info@prontofinance.co.nz and we’ll respond as soon as a team member can get to it.

Cash Advance NZ

If you need a cash advance NZ, we can have the money cleared and in your account with our 9 minute guarantee.

Our online loans from $200 to $20,000 can all be done digitally. So you get your cash advance faster.

Our innovative technology allows our advances to appear as cleared funds when we do it with our 9 minute guarantee. So you have access to truly instantaneous finance online.

With our web-based application form and digital signature technology, you can get fast online cash from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Our system allows you to apply online, then electronically submit your bank statements. With this info we can assess your application with our 9 minute processing promise. And get you a cash advance NZ with our 9 minute guarantee.

Our online loans are not just faster, they’re also fairer. Using our unique client rating technology, we reward safer borrowers with lower interest rates.

It’s only fair that good customers are rewarded with lower interest rates. So our system customises each personal loan for the individual applicant, rewarding safer borrowers with lower rates,

We also never charge a fee for early repayment. So if you want to pay your personal loan off faster, you’ll actually save money by paying less interest.

Cash Advance NZ With Our 9 Minute Guarantee

Our cash advances are available anywhere in New Zealand. You can use them for short term finance, or borrow the money for a longer period of time. It’s entirely up to you.

We want to give you more control, so we let you set exactly how much cash you need. Then you can select a repayment amount and frequency that you’re comfortable with. And with no early repayment fees, you can always pay it off faster and save money by paying less interest.

Use our slider below to customise your cash advance NZ.

There’s no one more qualified to tell you about our service than our own customers. So here are their unfiltered reviews as collected by Shopper Approved, an independent third party review site.

Cash advance online

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