Dental loans for braces or Invisalign finance

If you’re looking to get dental work done and repair your smile, you’ll know that braces or Invisalign don’t come cheap. But with our fast dental loans, you can get the cash you need for your teeth while you’re waiting in the dentist’s office. Our 9 minute guarantee ensures you have access to fast finance so you can make the call straight away if you want to get Invisalign or braces. With our easy 4 minute application form and the ability to get your dental loan online, you can be on your way to a perfect smile right now.

Once you’ve been to see your dentist, they will give you a quote for the various options. We know that this is never cheap (a lot of our team have been in the same position). So when you’re weighing up whether to proceed with the dental work, the major driver behind the decision is; “can I afford it?.” By getting an easy online loan with Pronto, we can allow you to get braces or Invisalign and break the repayments up into comfortable weekly or fortnightly amounts. This means that you don’t have to front the thousands of dollars before going ahead with the dental work, and you’ve got a predictable repayment plan going forward.


What are the costs of braces or Invisalign?

Whilst each dentist charges differently, there are a few things to consider before embarking on the path to getting braces or Invisalign. It’s not just the dental attachments that cost the money, there is a lot of pre-planning and on-going maintenance that incurs a cost. Some things to consider before budgeting for dental repair:

  • The initial appointment. This will be charged at the dentist’s normal hourly rate and will allow you to discuss various options. Some people are determined to avoid braces, particularly in adulthood. However Invisalign only works in certain cases. So it’s essential to sit down with your dentist and listen to their thoughts on the best process required to achieve your dream result.
  • X-rays and molds. Once you decide that you’re going to go ahead with braces or Invisalign, then the dentist will make an appointment to take X-rays of your mouth and design a mold to work from. This allows them to plan the coming months and ensure that they achieve the desired movement of your teeth. This is often an unexpected cost, as X-rays aren’t cheap, and it is usually separate to the quote for braces or Invisalign themselves.
  • On-going check ups. This will depend on the procedure you choose and your dentist’s desired involvement. But both braces and Invisalign will require regular check ups to ensure that the teeth are moving in the right direction. Most dentists will include this in the cost of the treatment, but it’s very important to clarify that beforehand so you’re not faced with expensive bills for each new appointment.

How can you finance braces or get a loan for Invisalign?

We’ve had a number of customers get finance online for dental work, in particular for braces and Invisalign. The best part of our easy loans is that you can set the repayments at a figure you’re comfortable with. By being in control from day one, you know exactly what you will repay and when. And if you find yourself in a position where you want to repay the loan early, you can always settle it with no early repayment fees.

We understand that dental work is expensive. And it’s uncommon for someone to have thousands of dollars just sitting there to cover the cost of braces or Invisalign. Which is why our specialist dental loans give you the chance to finance braces or Invisalign, with faster, fairer finance!

What are the alternatives to braces and Invisalign?

There are a few alternatives when you’re looking to repair your smile. Some of these are

  • Smile Direct Club. This is a popular option overseas and currently expanding in New Zealand. They offer clear aligners based on a 3D dental plan designed by their dental team, then you have regular check ups with their approved dentist or orthodontist. And at the end you will hopefully have a perfect smile.
  • EZ Smile. This is another online option that ships the aligners straight to you. They offer options to do a 3D scan with a specialist or send you molds to make yourself. This is a more hands on approach for the customer, and as a result costs a lot less.

It’s very important that before you undertake any dental work, you discuss it with a qualified dentist or orthodontist. They’re specialists in their field and will not only advise the safest way to repair your smile, but also give you guidance on what will work best for your specific circumstances.

Invisalign versus Braces


  • Metal braces will often achieve the end result faster.
  • Braces have been around for a long time, therefore history tells us that they’re definitely effective in the long term.
  • Braces are better suited for more extreme tooth movement.


  • Clear aligners definitely look better. This is a major appeal amongst adult customers.
  • You can remove your aligners at any time. Whether it’s for a social event or just to eat a tricky meal.
  • Invisalign is available at a number of different dental practices, not just at an orthodontists.

Here’s a handy video which discusses the differences between the two.

If you do choose Invisalign, here are some tips to get the most out of it.

  1. Listen to the specialist and wear your aligners as much as possible. Invisalign recommends 22 hours per day, so be sure to stick to that.
  2. Always clean the aligners. This seems obvious, but it’s vital for your overall dental health that you regularly clean them and brush/floss regularly.  There’s no point spending all of this money to straighten your teeth if they’re going to be grubby and need a bunch of fillings afterward.
  3. Plan your meals. When you’ve got Invisalign, you take the aligner out each meal. Which is fine when you’re at home, because if you get anything stuck in your teeth you can just pop into the bathroom. But when you’re out and about, it’s sometimes a case of “I need floss or a toothbrush.” So beware beforehand, and maybe chuck a roll of floss in the back pocket if you’re out eating corn or ribs.
  4. Listen to the expert. Your dentist or orthodontist has spent years studying and perfecting their trade. So be sure to listen to everything they say when it comes to your aligners. The regular appointments are a great chance for you to ask questions about your progress and see if there’s something you could do differently to improve the end result.