Instant Cash Loans

With Pronto you can get one of our instant cash loans online. Our easy application form gives us all of the information to assess your loan with our 9 minute processing promise. You can do everything on your mobile for a quick loan today.

Our system uses a unique technology to create an individual client rating for every applicant. This then lets us reward lower risk customers with lower annual interest rates.

Beyond better interest rates, our instant cash loans never have an early repayment fee. In fact we encourage you to pay your personal loan off faster so you pay less interest and we’ve got the money to lend out again.

Our instant cash loans are available all over NZ and you can apply on your mobile now. Just complete our online application which takes less than four minutes. And we can get your instant cash loan approved ASAP, to ensure you get a same day loan.

We’ll get everything we need to assess it with our 9 minute processing promise, and get your cash advance with our 9 minute guarantee.

At Pronto we do everything we can to have the fastest loans in NZ. We know you want an instant cash loan, and don’t have time to go into an office and mess around with paperwork. So everything can be done on your mobile right now!

If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ's and if you'd like to speak to one of our friendly Kiwi team, just give us a call on our 0800 number, or send us an email via our contact form,

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