Rental bond loan

Have you found the home of your dreams but need a rental bond loan to secure the house. With a same day rental bond loan you can sort it immediately and confirm today.

Our online loans give you the ability to borrow up to $20,000 and have the funds cleared and in your account with our 9 minute guarantee.

When you’re moving houses there’s a number of different expenses that pop up. So finding a lump sum for the rental bond is always a big ask. Usually your old bond can’t be transferred, so you need the money to get you through until it is released.

And we understand that you don’t have time to waste when you’re trying to arrange your move. So all of our quick loans are assessed with our 9 minute processing promise. This way you’ve got more time to focus on the important things at hand.

Once your bond loan is approved, you can digitally sign your contract. There’s no need to drive into town for an appointment, you can get your cash advance from anywhere in New Zealand. Even the property managers office.


Rental bond loan: to help you get into your new home faster, with fairer repayments

Whether you just need cash for a short period of time until your old bond is released. Or you want to repay it with fixed regular repayments; you can choose. And with no early repayment fees it’s a fairer way to borrow.

We know moving house is stressful. So we’ve tried to make this part of it as easy as possible. We want to give you complete control with your tenant bond loan. So you can set the repayments at a figure you’re comfortable with. And there is always the option of making lump sum payments with no penalties.

Our digital technology allows you to apply for and receive your bond loan anywhere in New Zealand.

Using your smartphone, tablet or computer you can apply now and we’ll get onto it straight away.

There’s no need to make an appointment or visit an office to sign all the paperwork.

We know there’s plenty going on with the move, so we’ll let you do everything online at a time that suits you.

Use our sliders below to select how much cash you need for the new bond, with the repayments you can afford.

See how easy it was for Stevie to get one of our rental bond loans here. 


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