Wellington cash loans

Need one of our Wellington cash loans today? We’re quicker than a Hurricanes winger and can get you $200 to $20,000 in less time than it’ll take to drive across Wellington. Our fast finance is backed by our 9 minute guarantee.

Using the latest online system you apply for your quick loan in less than four minutes. Whether you need an instant cash loan in Lower Hutt or short term finance in Porirua, it can all be done on any device. Our digital technology makes it easy to get a personal loan. And it’s available on your smartphone, tablet or computer for cash advances anywhere in Wellington.

So if you need a quick loan in Lower Hutt, we can have it processed faster than you can drive from Petone to Seaview. Or if you’re based in Porirua and don’t have the time to drive into the city, you can do it all online.

We know what it’s like on a windy Wellington day. With traffic backed up through the Mt Victoria tunnel and that sideways rain. So we’ve designed our system to be as convenient as possible. And let you apply for and sign your easy loan from the comfort of your home or during your smoko break at work.


Wellington cash loans that are easier AND fairer!

Our Wellington cash loans are also designed to be fairer. Using our unique client rating technology, we’re able to reward good customers with lower interest rates. This system uses hundreds of pieces of data to recognise safer borrowers and rewards them accordingly. We also promise to never charge a fee for early repayment. So if you want to pay your personal loan off early, it will actually save you money.

If you need a cash advance now, our quick loans can be used for almost anything. Whether the car has broken down and needs repair to get a WOF. Or you’ve been hit with a big dental bill and need dental finance. Our easy loans give you control to cover those unexpected expenses.

Our whole system revolves around you having control. Using our state of the art sliders, you can set how much cash you need and what repayments you can afford. With you controlling the repayments you can ensure you pay as little interest as possible. And with no early repayment fees you actually save money by paying it off early.

Use our sliders below to get one of our Wellington cash loans today.

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Short slider styled form that lets user select borrowing amount and repayment period
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