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Our Auckland personal loans come with a  9 minute guarantee, to ensure you get truly instant finance Auckland wide. We’re quicker than a Blues winger and you can complete your online application in less than four minutes, have it assessed with our 9 minute processing promise and get your cash loan advanced with our 9 minute guarantee. We offer online personal loans from $200 to $20,000 with Annual Interest Rates from 11.97% so there’s no need to leave the house.


What makes Pronto the best personal loan provider in Auckland

  • One of the simplest application forms on the internet. It takes less than 4 minutes.
  • Faster approvals with our 9 minute processing promise. So you’re not left waiting around for an answer.
  • The easiest way to sign your loan contract using digital signature technology on your mobile, a tablet or a computer.
  • Cash advanced with our 9 minute guarantee, so you can access it straight away.

What can our easy loans be used for in Auckland

We’re here when you need cash in a hurry, but want to make sure you also get a fair deal. There are a number of alternatives for instant finance, and we think our online loans provide the best combination of being faster and fairer. You can use your loan for


Car repairs and maintenance in Auckland

  • Get a quick loan to get the car up to scratch for a WOF or get those necessary repairs done to make sure you’re safe.
  • Small repairs like windscreen wiper blades, a replacement seat belt, a broken light bulb.
  • Or larger scale work like radiator repairs, a new battery, gearbox maintenance or even a full engine replacement.
  • Maybe you need the funds for an annual car service.

Money for a rental property bond in Auckland

With four weeks rent required for a new rental property in Auckland, it’s an expensive task to move houses.

  • Our loans can be used to cover the bond on a new rental property or flat
  • You can borrow short term, and repay the loan with your bond refund, and we won’t charge any fee for early repayment.
  • Our flexible repayments allow you to select how much you pay back each week or fortnight, so you’re not stretched too thin.
  • You can borrow extra to buy necessary household items or cover the cost of moving into your new rental property.

Debt consolidation in Auckland

If you’ve got a number of high cost debts, it may be a good option to consolidate them into one easy to manage loan.

  • Our debt consolidation loans may have a lower annual interest rate, saving you money in the long run. See our costs of borrowing to check.
  • With you selecting the repayments you can choose a figure that works for you, giving you breathing room each week.
  • Our Auckland debt consolidation loans can be applied for and approved from the comfort of your home, with no office visits required (you can avoid that nasty Auckland traffic).
  • We can make the payments directly to your current loan providers, to make it as easy as possible for you to consolidate your bills.

Real Aucklanders using Pronto

Take a look at Adrian’s experience. Based in Auckland he needed an easy personal loan and wanted an alternative to the banks, with fast finance now. So he came to us. And on top of the 5 stars, he gave us a “AAA+++” rating.


Auckland Personal Loans With Same Day Cash Advance

If you need fast finance now in Auckland city, an easy loan in South Auckland or fast cash on the North Shore, don’t waste hours driving around Auckland for an inconvenient appointment.

Our online loans allow you to do everything on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Using digital signature technology you can sign your fast loan contract anywhere in Auckland. Our easy loans get you fast cash now. We’ve designed the whole process to be done electronically. No more faxing, scanning or posting documents to get your personal loan. Our digital process ensures your loan is assessed with our 9 minute processing promise.

Being a digital finance company we don’t have a big branch network, so we’re able to pass the savings on to our customers. Our Auckland personal loans are designed to be fairer, so we offer lower risk borrowers a lower interest rate. Using our unique digital technology we’ve been able to remove the need for offices and lending staff to make decisions.

Everything is assessed objectively using our electronic client rating technology. This is both faster and fairer, allowing for our 9 minute guarantee and lower interest rates for good customers.


North Shore personal loans

At Pronto our online system doesn’t limit us to an Auckland city office. So if you need a fast loan on the North Shore, you don’t have to drive across the Harbour Bridge to get to us. You can apply for and sign your easy loan contract in less time than it takes to drive from Albany to Takapuna. Then with our 9 minute guarantee, you’ve got the cash to get on with your day.

Our digital system allows personal loans to be applied for in less than four minutes. With the ability to sign the contract on any smartphone, computer or tablet. There’s no printing or faxing required, so you can get fast cash anywhere on the North Shore.

We know how terrible Auckland traffic is, so we’ve removed the need to cross the bridge to visit an office. At the same time we still offer low interest rate loans and high levels of service. Apply now and make the most of our 9 minute processing promise during business hours.


South Auckland cash loans

If you’re further South and don’t have the time to drive into Onehunga, Mangere or Manukau for some instant finance, do it online. You can access our fast cash loans from the comfort of your home. Our South Auckland personal loans are faster than a Warriors winger and can have the cash to you with our 9 minute guarantee.

Pronto’s digital process lets you apply online and sign your quick loan contract without any printing or faxing. We know how difficult it is to get to an office for a cash loan in South Auckland, and then having to wait around for a decision. So we’ve made our easy loan application short and sweet. You can do it in just 4 minutes. Then with our 9 minute processing promise you get an answer straight away. Once it’s approved the cash can be in your account with our 9 minute guarantee so you get finance now.

Apply now and see why so many of our customers give Pronto a 5 star rating in our independent reviews.


West Auckland finance fast

If you’re out West and need looking for personal loans in West Auckland, you can apply online in less than four minutes and make the most of our 9 minute guarantee.

With our online loans we can get the cash to you in less time than it’ll take you to drive from Henderson to Glen Eden. We understand traffic in West Auckland is bad at the best of times. So our online application form allows you to apply anywhere. And our digital signature technology allows you to do it all without an inconvenient appointment. You can do it all during smoko on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Our innovative system provides personal loans that you have full control over. We allow you to set how much cash you need and what you can afford to repay. And there are never any penalties for early repayment. Just see how much our customers love our service by reading our reviews.

With no printing or faxing needed, our online personal loans deliver instant cash now. So don’t waste your time driving across Auckland to visit an out of the way office. Apply now and see why Pronto is renowned for the fastest, fairest finance in New Zealand.


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