Christmas loans 2020

If you need a Christmas loan to get through the holiday season this year, take advantage of our Xmas Promo starting in December. Our special Christmas loans promotion lets you get finance in the month of December and make no repayments until the New Year.  Just user the promo code “XMAS” in your application and set your first repayment date for January.

We understand that the Christmas season is a difficult time to manage your money. So our online Christmas loans give you more flexibility to make the most of the holidays.

Our Christmas loans are only available for the month of December and need you to use the promo code “XMAS” at the time of application.

Christmas loans online. Instant finance now

Christmas loans with no repayments until January

You can get a fast loan from $200 to $20,000 with our easy loan application form. Just complete everything online and we’ll assess your finance application with our 9 minute processing promise.

From there we can have the fast cash advance in your account with ur 9 minute guarantee, so you can get on and enjoy the holidays.

The whole process has been designed to deliver faster finance in a more convenient fashion. Everything is electronically submitted, ensuring you get an faster decision, and instant cash advance.

Whether you’re sitting on the beach and realise you need cash now. Or it’s amongst the madness at the mall where you realise you need finance now. Our system gives you the ability to get through the Christmas pinch, and enjoy your holidays.

Take advantage of our Christmas loan promotion by adding the Promo Code “XMAS” at the end of your application. Then by setting your first repayment for January, you can hold off on making any payments until after the holidays.

If you’d like to work out the best way to reduce the overall cost of your loan, you can take a look at our costs of borrowing here or give us a call. But as our loans have no early repayment fees, you’ll actually save interest by paying it off sooner in the New Year.

See how Joeleene in Whangarei got through Christmas with one of our easy Christmas loans. Click here to see here independent review.

There’s no one more qualified to tell you about our service than our own customers. So here are their unfiltered reviews as collected by Shopper Approved, an independent third party review site.

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