Christmas Loans 2022

If you need a Christmas loan to get through the holiday season this year, take advantage of our Xmas Promo starting in December. Our special Christmas loans promotion lets you get finance in the month of December and make no repayments until the New Year.  Just user the promo code “XMAS” in your application and set your first repayment date for January.

We understand that the Christmas season is a difficult time to manage your money. So our online Christmas loans give you more flexibility to make the most of the holidays.

Our Christmas loans are only available for the month of December and need you to use the promo code “XMAS” at the time of application.


Why get a Christmas loan with Pronto?

Our easy personal loans are ideal for those Christmas expenses. Whether you’re buying presents, stocking up on supplies for Christmas dinner or just getting your ducks in a row well in advance of the holiday season. Not only are our loans fast and easy, but they’re flexible. You can set the repayment figure you want, and with our Xmas Promo giving you the chance to start payments in January, you can give yourself a bit of breathing room before the silly season starts.


How to get a quick Christmas cash loan online

Our online loans give you the ability to borrow $200 to $20,000 with our 9 minute guarantee. The entire process is able to be done on any device. So you could be out picking up a fresh Christmas tree or wandering through the mall looking for presents. The application form is straight forward and completely online.

Just head to our application page, complete the form and we’ll assess your loan application within 9 minutes (during business hours). Then we can send you a digital contract to read over and sign, and once that’s done the loan is advanced with our 9 minute guarantee.


What is our Christmas loan promotion?

We understand that the month of December is usually absolute chaos. Planning for Christmas day itself is extremely difficult, on top of the need to plan presents and then taking care of the rest of the holiday break. So we have created a loan product that makes everything nice and simple. Our fast Christmas loans allow you to get a quick cash advance and not have to worry about your first repayment until the New Year. That way you can use the cash to enjoy your Christmas holiday, and once things have settled down you can get onto repaying the loan. Just be sure to use the promo code “XMAS” at the bottom of your application.


What can our fast Christmas cash loans be used for?

  • Get Christmas lunch and dinner sorted, with a big shop well in advance. By preparing early you can avoid that last minute rush and hopefully take advantage of some of the specials a few weeks out from the big day.
  • Buy presents for the family. If you can get onto this sooner rather than later, you’ll be able to avoid the dreaded night before Christmas shopping rush.
  • Cover the cost of hosting family and friends. We all know the holiday break isn’t limited to just Christmas day. It’s a time of year that a lot of us take a well deserved break. So having a little extra cash can give you the chance to really enjoy this time and ensure you’re not stretched too thin while you’re away from work.
  • Head away for the break. If you’re wanting to take a holiday over your Christmas break you can cover travel costs, accommodation and any other expenses that pop up while you’re out of town.

What will Christmas cost this year?

It’s always a good idea to draw up a budget well in advance of Christmas. Sit down and work out what you want to spend on the actual day, how much presents will cost, what food and drinks are likely to be needed and don’t forget to account for the days following Christmas and into the new year.


According to the NZ Herald in January 2020

  • Kiwi’s spent a total of $1.17 billion on Christmas in 2019.
  • The average amount spent on Christmas presents was $319.
  • Around 32% of Kiwis paid for Christmas using their credit cards.

Kiwi Christmas loans from a Kiwi finance company

We’re NZ owned and operated, and over the Christmas break we’ll be closed. But right up until Christmas day we’re here to help. So if you need some instant finance for Christmas, get in touch. 


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