Low interest loans NZ

Our low interest loans have some of the best interest rates, saving you a pretty penny. And as we don’t have an expensive branch network to support, all of our loans have fair interest rates. Plus by doing everything online, we’re able to pass the savings onto you.

We’ve developed our system to use a range of electronic data, which rewards safer borrowers with low interest loans. If you’ve got a high client rating – you get a low interest rate. We think it’s only fair that good customers get the best interest rates.

You can complete our easy online application form in less then 4 minutes. And being online you don’t have to scan or print a thing.

Then we will assess your application with our 9 minute processing promise during business hours, so you’ll have an answer in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Our fast finance has been designed to make it easy for you to get a personal loan.

Once your low interest loan is approved, we will send you the digital contract to sign. This allows you as much time as you need to read over it, make sure you’re comfortable and then digitally sign it. When you’re reading through it you’ll see just how good the interest rate is, but you can also see our low interest rates by reading through our costs of borrowing section before you apply. You can do the whole thing on any smartphone, tablet or computer across the country. All you need is an email and an internet connection.

Then once you’ve signed your contract the cash is advanced into your account with our 9 minute guarantee. So long as you’re with a major NZ bank, you will have the funds cleared and ready to use in less than 9 minutes from the time you sign the contract.

Features of our low interest loans

  • Low annual interest rates from 11.97% - 29.97% depending on your Pronto client rating.
  • No early repayment fees. So you can reduce the total cost of your loan by paying it off early.
  • Flexible repayments. We allow you to set the repayment amount when you apply. And as long as we can prove it's affordable for you throughout the loan, you can repay it at the figure you've selected.
  • Easy online loan application. Do it all on any device, for easy access to our low interest loans.


What you can use our low interest loans for

Our easy online loans can be used for a whole range of purposes. And with our low interest rates, you can be sure you're getting a great deal and make the most of our fairer finance.

  • Get a low interest loan to buy a new car, or repair your current vehicle.
  • Consolidate debt with our low interest rates to save money with one affordable and easy repayment, instead of a number of different loans with varying interest rates.
  • Move into a new house and use one of our low interest loans to pay the bond and secure your new home.
  • Upgrade the house. Whether it's a renovation or replacing some furniture, our affordable loan repayments allow you to upgrade and then manage the repayments with a figure you know you can afford.


Customer reviews

There’s no one more qualified to tell you about our service than our own customers. So here are their unfiltered reviews as collected by Shopper Approved, an independent third party review site.