Same day loans

At Pronto our same day loans don’t just mean you get the cash later today, we will have the money cleared and in your bank account with our 9 minute guarantee.

There’s no more waiting overnight, or having to cash a cheque. Our same day loans give you access to faster finance now.

We’ve created a system that allows you to get faster finance online. So you can get your cash on the same day you apply and use your time for things that matter.

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Same day loans that are both fast and fair

It’s one thing to get a quick loan, but you want to make sure you’re also getting a fair deal. Our same day loans are designed to be super fast, but also protect you with fair terms and conditions.

Get the interest rate you deserve: our proprietary technology allows us to identify and reward safe borrowers, then offer them a low interest rate. As a good customer you deserve to be recognized and pay less interest, so our system is set up to do exactly that.

Have control of your loan from the start: our sliders are set up to give you complete control of your loan from the second you apply. You get to set your repayment amount, and how often you want to make payments. Unlike most lenders that say you’ve got to pay a specific amount over a predetermined period, we want you to pay the loan back as soon as you can and save money on interest.

Repay the loan whenever you want: we promise there will never be an early repayment fee with all of our loans. So if you want to square it off in the first month, after six months or even just a few weeks early, you will actually save yourself money on interest. Some companies have this crazy concept of penalising early repayment, but we love it when you pay the loan back as we’ve got the money to lend out again.

Take as long as you want to read the contract: our digital contracts are sent to your email and allow you to have as long as you need to read over them. There’s a lot of info in there, so it’s always good to read it thoroughly and possibly get an independent third party to look over it as well. The beauty of our digital system is that there’s no one sitting in front of you putting pressure on you to sign, you can take all the time you need to make sure you’re comfortable with every little detail.

We pride ourselves on our being completely transparent and accountable: with thousands of customers having used our service, we know that the best reassurance of us as a company comes from our customers. That’s why we use an independent review system, so our real customers can hold us accountable. You can read through all of our reviews and see exactly what people who have used our service think of us.

What makes our same day loans special?

Using one of the fastest assessment technologies in New Zealand, we can approve loans with our 9 minute processing promise and get the cash in your account straight away.

  • Make it easy on yourself: our simple application form only needs basic info that you’ll know off by heart, it’s as uncomplicated as possible.
  • Avoid stress: you can be sure you’ve got the funds clear and ready to spend today.
  • Save time: There’s no need to spend hours filling out forms, sending through supporting documents or visiting an office.
  • Do it on your own terms: You can read and sign the contract on your phone, anywhere in New Zealand.
  • Have the cash today: same day loans shouldn’t mean you have to wait overnight for funds to clear. Our quick cash advance means you get the money immediately.


What can you use a same day loan for

Our quick loans can be used for all sorts of things when you need the cash today.

  • Buy flight tickets: use the quick cash to take advantage of a flight special and book tickets right now.
  • Go and see relatives overseas while you can.
  • Take a long overdue holiday.
  • Go to a concert you really want to see.
  • Watch the kids compete at an out of town sports event.
  • Get an item on sale while you can: make the most of a seasonal sale and get whatever it is you need now.
  • Pick up a new TV for a bargain price.
  • Replace the washing machine or dryer before it conks out.
  • Grab school supplies well in advance of January, so you’re prepared for the new school year.
  • Get started on Christmas shopping early and get the kids gifts while they’re on sale.
  • Make the most of a holiday: get some quick cash before you head off on holiday.
  • Have some extra spending money before you get there, so you can enjoy your trip away.
  • Plan a few extra activities and make the most of your getaway.
  • Have a safety net, just in case something pops up that you don’t want to miss.
  • Get everything you need before you head away, whether it’s a new camera, sports equipment or just a new wardrobe.


Same day loans NZ wide

Our web based application allows everything to be done online so there’s no need to print off forms or statement. And you can get your quick loan anywhere in the country, on any device. Our easy application form takes less than four minutes. Being a digital company you can get a quick loan in Mangere or Marlborough. A fast cash advance in Whangarei or Wellington. Instant finance in Hamilton or Dunedin. Finance now in Takapuna or Tauranga. We really are a nationwide company with everything able to be done on a device with an internet connection.

All of our quick loans are assessed electronically. This makes things a lot faster and allows us to offer a 9 minute processing promise with all new easy loan applications.

Once your fast loan is approved you’re able to sign your contract on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Our digital signature technology means that you can have the cash cleared and in your account 9 minutes later.


Same day loans that are also fairer

Our same day loans are not just faster, they’re also fairer. Using our unique Client Rating system, we’re able to offer lower interest rates to safer borrowers. Every borrower is assessed objectively, and offered an interest rate unique to them. We think it’s only fair, that the lower risk you are as a borrower, the less interest you should pay. Our loans can be used by all kinds of Kiwi’s, whether you’re after one of our beneficiary loans or looking for a secured loan.

All of our quick loans have no early repayment fees. So if you want to pay your personal loan back faster, you actually save money on interest and fees.

You can see a full range of costs of borrowing on our site. And if you want to see just how fast we are, take a look at the independent reviews our customers have given us.

Apply for a same day loan NZ wide now. And see just how much faster and fairer we are here at Pronto!


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