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That's why they are called pronto



They definitely live up to their 9 minute pre-approval guarantee.



Fast and easy process with affordable pay back options.



Can't believe how simple and straight forward this was.



Great company. They really saved me! And fast!



Awesome and easy to deal with, made everything so easy and carefree


Online Loans
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9 Minute Guarantee!

Our online loans can be cleared and in your account within 9 minutes of you signing your personal loan contract.

With the latest digital signature technology you can have access to instant finance on any device throughout New Zealand. And we make sure the fast cash is in your account Pronto with out 9 minute guarantee.

Our custom built system has been designed to ensure Kiwis have access to quick loans and its available for all customers who complete the application form online during business hours and bank with major New Zealand bank (ANZ, ASB, BNZ, KiwiBank, Westpac)

If our quick cash same day loans don't live up to our 9 minute guarantee, we'll make your first repayment for you.

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Why are we fairer?

Why are we fairer?

We reward our good customers with lower interest rates, rather than having one interest rate for everyone. It’s only fair that the safer you are as a borrower, the less interest you should pay.

Using our unique fintech software, we objectively assess each applicant, creating an individual Pronto client rating. This uses a range of data that most lenders don't consider, allowing us to identify positive characteristics of each applicant. Instead of just relying on a historic credit report, our system looks at how you stack up on the day you apply for a loan. We do still use comprehensive credit reports, but combine this data with our own scoring system to provide the best possible assessment of every borrower.

With our Pronto client rating we're able to offer low interest loans to good customers. And our 9 minute guarantee ensures our quick online loans are some of the fastest cash loans in New Zealand.

We also want you to pay your loan off as soon as possible (unlike banks and other finance companies). So we promise to never charge a fee for early repayment. The sooner you pay your loan off; the less you have to repay. After all, we benefit by having the money back to lend out again, so why should you be penalised for paying your loan off early? That seems a little unfair to us.

Faster loans with our digital signature technology

Faster Loans

Our quick loans are available all over New Zealand. You can digitally sign your personal loan contract on any device.

Using your smartphone, tablet or computer you can digitally sign your contract and get one of our quick loans NZ wide with everything done online. Our same day loans are made to be easy so you can get instant finance Pronto.

With our mobile technology you're able to get your finance now, backed by our 9 minute guarantee cash advance . You can get your fast mobile loan NZ wide and enjoy faster, fairer finance!

Cost of borrowing

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No early repayment fees+
Establishment fee+
Administration fee+
Default fee+
Default interest+
Loan repayments and loan terms+

Faster, Fairer Finance with Pronto

Our quick loans give you access to instant finance in New Zealand. With our 9 minute guarantee cash advance and low annual interest rates from 11.97% you can get faster, fairer finance now!

Using our custom built financial technology we offer personal loans to all types of New Zealanders. To do this we combine a range of data sources with a comprehensive credit check and bank statement analysis to ensure all our loans meet our strict responsible lending criteria. By doing this we're able to help out all types of Kiwis, weather you're full time employed and looking for finance now or you're after beneficiary loans in New Zealand.